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Keyboard Controls for GTA 5 on PC
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Keyboard Controls for GTA 5 on PC

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) offers an immersive gaming experience on PC, allowing you to dive deep into the criminal underworld of Los Santos with precision and control. This guide is your roadmap to mastering the keyboard controls for GTA 5 on PC, equipping you with the knowledge you need to navigate the sprawling city, engage in thrilling heists, and establish your reign in the virtual criminal empire. Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned player, understanding these controls is the key to becoming the ultimate gaming kingpin.

Getting Started: The Essentials

Before diving into the specifics, let’s cover the core keyboard controls for GTA 5 on PC:

  1. W, A, S, D: These keys control your character’s movement – W for forward, A for left, S for backward, and D for right.
  2. Spacebar: Jump or ascend in vehicles like planes and helicopters.
  3. Left Shift: Sprint on foot or boost in applicable vehicles.
  4. Left Ctrl: Crouch or sneak while on foot.
  5. E: Interact with objects, enter/exit vehicles, and answer phone calls.
  6. F: Perform context-based actions, like forcefully entering/exiting vehicles or engaging in melee combat.
  7. Tab: Open the Interaction Menu, providing access to in-game features like inventory, the map, and player options.
  8. M: Open the map of Los Santos, allowing you to set waypoints and navigate.
  9. Alt: Activate special abilities unique to certain characters during the game’s storyline.

Driving Controls: Navigating the Streets

Driving plays a significant role in GTA 5. To master the city’s streets, you’ll need these keyboard controls:

  1. W and S: Accelerate and reverse.
  2. A and D: Steer left and right.
  3. Spacebar: Use the handbrake for sharp turns and drifting.
  4. Left Shift: Activate turbo boost if your vehicle is equipped.
  5. Q and E: Look behind while driving, checking for pursuers.
  6. G: Toggle the vehicle’s headlights on or off during nighttime.

Combat and Weapon Controls: Survival Tactics

Combat is inevitable in the tumultuous world of Los Santos. These keyboard controls will help you stay in control:

  1. Left Mouse Button (LMB): Fire your equipped weapon.
  2. Right Mouse Button (RMB): Aim down sights for improved accuracy.
  3. R: Reload your weapon.
  4. 1-9: Quickly switch between equipped weapons.
  5. Mouse Scroll Wheel: Scroll through your weapon inventory.
  6. Q: Take cover behind objects or walls when available.
  7. X: Toggle between lethal and non-lethal takedowns in hand-to-hand combat.

Flying Controls: Conquering the Skies

Flying adds a whole new dimension to your GTA 5 experience. Master these keyboard controls for aerial adventures:

  1. W and S: Adjust your aircraft’s pitch (nose up and down).
  2. A and D: Roll your aircraft left and right.
  3. Q and E: Yaw your aircraft left and right (horizontal rotation).
  4. Spacebar: Increase altitude.
  5. Left Shift: Decrease altitude.
  6. R: Deploy landing gear for controlled landings.
  7. F: Exit your aircraft when on the ground.

Special Abilities: Unleash Your Powers

Certain characters in GTA 5 possess unique abilities that can turn the tide. Here’s how to activate them:

  1. Franklin’s Special Ability: Press and hold the left Ctrl key for slow-motion driving, aiding navigation through traffic or precise maneuvers.
  2. Michael’s Special Ability: Press and hold the left Ctrl key to enter bullet-time mode, enhancing accuracy during combat.
  3. Trevor’s Special Ability: Press and hold the left Ctrl key for a berserker rage mode, increasing damage dealt and reducing damage taken.

Advanced Controls: Elevating Your Game

To truly excel in GTA 5, you’ll want to be familiar with some advanced keyboard controls:

  1. Tilde Key (~): Open the cheat console, allowing you to enter various cheat codes to enhance your gameplay (use responsibly!).
  2. Numpad 5: Center the camera behind your character while on foot.
  3. Numpad + and Numpad -: Zoom the in-game camera in and out for a better view.
  4. Numpad 0: Use this key to go back or cancel in certain menus.
  5. Z: Activate the cinematic camera mode, offering unique angles and views of your gameplay.

Customizing Your Controls: Tailoring the Experience

GTA 5 on PC enables you to customize your keyboard controls to match your preferences. Head to the settings menu and select “Key Bindings” to reassign keys and create a control scheme that suits you best.


Mastering the keyboard controls for GTA 5 on PC is your path to dominance in Los Santos. With precise control over movement, driving, combat, and special abilities, you’ll be ready to conquer any challenge the game throws your way. Whether you’re honing your skills or embarking on your first adventure, these controls empower you to become the ultimate criminal mastermind in this gaming masterpiece. Grab your keyboard, immerse yourself in Los Santos, and let the mayhem begin! You can also read this article to find the best puzzle games to play.

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